I had a chance to drop by the pop-up store of Magnum Manila after watching a movie with friends. Since its opening last 08 April 2014, I’ve been craving to taste some of their pre-made concoctions to check if they do taste as good as they look. Aside from their sweet desserts, they also offer savory dishes that you could dine-in first before trying their ice cream.

The Magnum Manila is located at the 5th Floor of SM Aura. The store location and luxurious ambiance are good combinations to enjoy their culinary masterpieces. The dine-in area is wide enough to accommodate guests and the chocolate/ingredient bar section is spacious for the staff to move around. The Belgian chocolate and gold inspired color of interiors and the cool Magnum popsicle sticks decal in front made the whole restaurant more upscale and lavish.


The Make Your Own Magnum in Manila will run for an average of 12 months since its opening because pop-up stores of Magnum all over the world are just meant to promote the brand itself. So, for those of you who haven’t tried visiting Magnum Manila, you better do it as early as possible before it’s too late.

Magnum Manila will give you options to enjoy your choice of ice cream desserts, either you Make Your Own Magnum combinations for take-out or have their pre-made concoctions. If you chose the latter, you must have it for dine-in to enjoy the instagram worthy plating of your chosen desserts.


We tried the #Trendcast for the Make Your Own Magnum combination and 3 other pre-made concoctions to ease up the scourging heat of Manila weather.

The #Trendcast has a combination of Vanilla as the base ice cream coated in Belgian white chocolate, topped with crushed Double Speculoos Cookies, Sea Salt Flakes and drizzled with white chocolate. The minor sting of salt and sweet cookie toppings will give you a different texture than the normal Magnum ice cream that you can buy in any convenience store. Every Make Your Own Magnum combination is worth P 100.00.


For the pre-made concoctions, we tried the Red Velvet Magnum, Magnum Apple Pie and their newest addition to their menu, the Rogue Magnum.

The Red Velvet Magnum is a combination of moist red velvet cake and cream cheese plated on a slate with vanilla Magnum, dark chocolate sauce, crushed pistachios and red velvet crumble. Price: P 250.00.


The Magnum Apple Pie is vanilla ice cream coated in caramel sauce, served with a slice of apple pie, chunky apple mash, crushed pistachios and whipped cream. Price: P 290.00.


The Rogue Magnum is a combination of different flavors from the vanilla ice cream, light cashew meringue with mascarpone mousseline, topped with fresh strawberries and drizzled with fig-flavored Crema del Duca balsamic cream. Price: P 400.00.


It is highly advisable to eat this dessert by scooping the vanilla ice cream all the way down the cashew meringue to appreciate the blending of flavors. The fig-flavored Crema del Duca balsamic cream has a strong sour flavor, with a little after taste, so you should not try it without the other ingredients.


Overall, I had a great time pigging out on the different pre-made concoctions of Magnum Manila and I’ll definitely go back to try their other sumptuous desserts and savory dishes. I just hope that they’ll stay longer and offer different varieties of Magnum culinary masterpieces.

(Food descriptions source: Magnum Manila Official Menu and @magnum_ph instagram account)