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May 2014

Denim Jeans Do It Yourself (DIY) Workshop – 125th Anniversary Celebration of Lee

Denim jeans are highly marketable product in the fashion industry worn by various international celebrities and everyone all over the world. We have to admit, most of us, if not everyone, own at least a pair of jeans in their lifetime. Continue reading “Denim Jeans Do It Yourself (DIY) Workshop – 125th Anniversary Celebration of Lee”

Food. Clothes. Food. Food. Free Food.

Earlier, I was invited by my friend to attend this food tasting activity in Grand View Events Place, Makati. It was actually my first time to do it and I really had fun. Why would I say no for free food? 🙂 In return, I had to rate how the food tastes and how they presented it well to look good. Continue reading “Food. Clothes. Food. Food. Free Food.”

Spur of the moment Bora adventure!

Unplanned trips are usually the best! Last April, me and 2 of my friends decided to go to Boracay for 3 days and 2 nights just right before the Laboracay (Labor day in Boracay) weekend to avoid the party storm and overcrowded beach. Continue reading “Spur of the moment Bora adventure!”

Selfie Gadget: SP Gadgets Remote Pole 39″

One of the most in demand accessories right now for taking your best selfie shots is the monopod/selfiepod. It varies from different lengths, designs, materials and mounting tools to perfectly fit your camera or cellphone. Continue reading “Selfie Gadget: SP Gadgets Remote Pole 39″”

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