One of the most in demand accessories right now for taking your best selfie shots is the monopod/selfiepod. It varies from different lengths, designs, materials and mounting tools to perfectly fit your camera or cellphone. I recently bought mine for my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera, the SP Gadgets Remote Pole 39″.

This telescopic pole is tailor made for the GoPro camera that comes with a remote housing and direct GoPro camera attachment.


The package includes an adjustable wrist strap, black carabiner, telescopic pole and leaflet of other SP Gadgets products.


The dual-diameter soft touch remote is perfectly designed to give you a good grip of the pole and use the remote at the same time.


The remote housing perfectly fits the wifi GoPro remote so there’s no need to worry that it might get lost while using it.


The direct GoPro camera attachment and 360° swivel head allow you to take pictures at any angle.


It can extend from 13.6″ to 39″ depending on how far you want to capture your photo.
There’s also a 23″ version of this for mid-range telescopic viewing.


To pimp it up a little bit, I put on a GoPro sticker that comes with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition package.


• Extends up to 23″ / 39”
• GoPro® WI-FI Remote Housing
• Direct GoPro® Camera Attachment
• Dual-Diameter Soft-Touch Remote Grip
• New 360° Swivel Head
• Adjustable Wrist Strap
• Carabiner included
• Hero3+ compatible

Overall, my verdict for this SP Gadgets Remote Pole 39″ package: 4.8 out of 5 stars

– Good grip and rubber material handle
– Waterproof
– Perfect fit remote housing
– GoPro mount (I reiterated on my previous blog GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition that this mounting tool is quite difficult to find so it’s great that they included it in this package)
– 360°  swivel head

– a bit pricey for a monopod
– quite heavy for one handle filming
– the remote housing is difficult to attach/detach

Where to purchase: or (You can also check some independent online re-seller thru Facebook/Instagram)

Stay tuned for my future blogs! I will definitely use this telescopic pole on my future travels and adventures 🙂